Friday, October 29, 2004

Admission duties and Apartment Searches

OK, now as the day of my graduation comes closer and closer, I have to start filling out application forms and start contacting universities about admission stuff. Good Stuff !!! Finally one part of your life ends and another starts. I will just be glad to be accepted into a school of my choice, finish my degree in 1 year tops and then work. Been in school for far too long. It is time to start earning dough.. just one more year...

Another thing on my mind these days is finding an apartment which is cheaper than the one I am in currently. Since I reside in an apartment on campus, I will have to vacate this one soon due to my official graduation. Got to make some calls to potential landlords and check leasing information about them. I have some good ones in mind. One of them even has a pool and tennis courts attached.. hmm fun !.

Finished reading Richard Knaak's Day of the Dragon. Thourougly enjoyed it. A good book. Takes a little time to draw you in, but once it has, it is a true blast. I will start on the second book in the trilogy soon, which brings me to the subject of my second assignment for my CS 485 Programming Languages class.

It dawned on me that the parser wont be as simple as I had first thought it to be. Reading from a simple text file, not encoded in PROLOG is a pain. I will have to figure someething out.
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