Saturday, October 30, 2004

Assignments and more Assignments

Tired.. loaded with two more assingments and the old ones are still not complete.. Hopefully I will be able to do them satisfactorily. The one thing that makes it even harder is my perfectionist nature. Even after i'm done making something, I keep adding more stuff and making it neater. My programming languages assignment is proving a good challenge. Went to the lab for a group study session and got a good idea of what I have to do now.

I got my passport back from renewal and now I have to apply for my OPT so I can find a job in the US after I graduate, which reminds me: I still have a lot of emails to write to different Universities. and apply for my TOEFL test. I still don't get why Universities would ask to get my TOEFL when I graduated from a U.S University. I guess some schools are like that.

I still have to go search for a new apartment.. On Monday, that is my priority. The deadline for my lease is fast running out. Time to move into a cheaper apartment.

Hope you guys in the Saturday-Sunday day layout are having a good weekend and those in the Thursday-Friday system had a good weekend. Good luck and take care.

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