Sunday, October 31, 2004

Pressure week starts tomorrow

I finally got the ethics and Digital Rights Management (DRM) Assignment done. I personally think DRM's are a restriction on the rights of a customer and should be shot down. That isn't only my opinion by many people, including the founder of the GNU program and the head of Autodesk think along the same lines.

I also sent out emails regarding questions about CS Masters programs to University of Southern California (USC), Texas A&M (TAMU), Arizona State University (ASU) and Purdue. Hopefully I will get some responses by late Monday.
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  1. Nice blog....and what you doing in Kalamzoo, thats like a dead place... :)

    must be attending Western Michigan University there....ahhh..i know :)


  2. yah lol. Studying at WMU :D.. Graduating in December and I agree.. its a preety dead and lonely place.