Monday, April 04, 2005

Back from Hiatus

Ok I am officially back from my Hiatus. It has been a little while and in the meantime i've seen my website go stale and dank. Part of the reason is my parents coming to visit me. My dad left soonafter but my mother is still here and she will be here until the end of June. It's good cuz I hadn't seen my mother for almost 3 years before she came. They coudn't make my graduation but it was still a fun time. Scooting over to California to visit some relatives as well as Ohio was really eye opening. It was mildly fun as well. These days I am concentrating on my GRE preperation which I will soon give. I am also trying to find a job. Well let's hope to no more Hiatus and more fruitful endeavours and results in life for me and for everyone of my blog visitors. I hope you still come by the website :P you know who you are :D.
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