Friday, April 22, 2005

Guildwars coming out on 28th

Ok Guildwars will finally be released on the 28th but players who preorderd it will be able to play it in the Early Access Period on the 27th. Can't wait for it. It is one of the better MMORPGs to come out this year.

Other than that nothing much is happening these days. Trying to finish up on my GRE these days. I have my exam late next month. Hope it goes well. If I get a good score I get into a good university and do my masters otherwise I'll just keep on finding a job :D. Let's pray for the best and hope for the best as well.

I might just try and going to the same University where I did my Bachelors from if I don't get a great score because it is just a formality at the university you do your BSc from. Lets see what happens.
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