Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Statement of Purpose

I hate Statements of Purpose. Most of them are quite difficult to write effectively but I am still lugging along trying to get a good one done. From the 8 I have applied to, 5 ask for the Statement of Purpose.

On another note, I like to thanks the friends that come to my blog out of sheer conviction and see it not updated often :P. Thankyou to all of you guys. Esp to Sarah for leaving comments often lately :P.
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  1. haha I feel special! I made it all the way into an official part of your blog.. No apologizing for not updating your blog- everyone gets busy! I hadn't updated my weblog in 10 days.. Have a snazzy day!

  2. Hey, everyone gets busy. No worries, you have more silent readers that you probably think. :)