Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Supermarket

Had an eventful trip to the supermarket. For some reason there were a lot of people around today at noon. I don't know the reason. Maybe cuz they were replenishing their supplies after the Labour Day weekend. :D. Some hilarious situations arised due to the commotion and the amount of people. The situation wasn't helped by the fact that the supermarket had changed its layout and nobody who was visiting after a while could find what they wanted. The Shampoo Aisle was gone to the farthest corner of the store, the milk displaced, the bread's place changed. :D. Me and my brother were grocery shopping in this mess and I am pushing the trolly. Suddenly he goes off looking for the aisle that has eggs. And I try to follow him with the trolly and I see this old guy come infront of me. He holds a pie in one hand, walks with a stopped gait and stops at every aisle looking at the signs. There is a whole line of people behind me too with their trollys. The old man moves a few steps to the next aisle, looks at the aisle and moves on, rinse and repeat. :D. I could hear exasperated sighs from behind me lol. It was funny but the poor guy was very old and I didn't mind going slow behind him.

Other than that I am still waiting for my freakin letter from University of Southern California. I hope it comes soon cuz my patience is at an all time low now. Lets see if it does.

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