Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy Ramzan Mubarak

Happy Ramzan Mubarak to everyone out there. Hope you guys have a blast during ramazan and pray loads and all that good stuff :D.

This is the latest news regarding my Universities:

USC: Decision has been taken and the letter of admission still not mailed yet. It will be soon. Found that out today when I gave them a call and was picked up a polite gentleman who was nice enough to clarify all my questions.

UIC: Have been asked to send in my release form so that I can be offically enrolled in the University. I have asked for a later date to send the form and thus will wait until at least 20th of October for the other Unis to reply before committing to UIC.

Texas A&M: They have asked me to send my transcripts via my University here in the US to them. These transcripts are the ones that WMU received from my University in Pakistan and thus will be sent by my University to TAMU.
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