Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Birthday and Good Luck

On 17th January 1981, I was born into this world a healthy baby. In a few hours time, I will be 25 years old. 24 years of my life are over, and I start the 25th year with immense and innumerable challenges. I start anew today as I started anew 25 years ago. I start fresh, as I make a quest to spend, god knows how many more years, in this world. I plan on making myself a better human being. I intend to slay my demons, and lay them to rest once and for all. I intend to be a better son, a better brother and a better friend and a good husband, father when the times comes, but the most, I want to be a better muslim. Good luck to me and may the remaining years of my life be as beautiful and wonderful as the first 25 were. May Allah grant me strength, courage and resolve. Ameen.
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