Sunday, January 29, 2006

Unrelated Ramblings

I hadn't even begun to breathe and yet, I have gotten more assignments after the ones I handed in last week. This weekend has mostly been spent procastinating or just fooling around but one assignment is due next week and the other, the week after. I am beginning to call assignments "ass ignments" more and more recently. The good thing is that, at least you learn something and it keeps your mind off other, less favorable and appealing thoughts.

My parents are safely over in Pakistan right now. Was trying to get a hold of dad but the internet connections in dear old Pakistan, plainly, suck. When I used to live there, in the brief time that I did, I wished I had a faster connection. Boy, did that wish come true. Now I feel for my brethern back home. Good luck chums. One day you will find out what a T3 is, hopefully sooner than later.

I was thinking on writing a novel piece by piece, post by post online. Don't know who would read it. Problem is, where do I get the time. Maybe when i'm done with my MS and am working and single, I will have enough time to write a fairly decent one. It would most probably be a horror or fantasy novel. Romance and all that bullshit, I will leave for the romantic and love dovey of you.

My digital camera shipped today. Can't wait for the thing to be in my hands. I only hope it arrives with no defects cuz returning items bought from the internet is a pain in the proverbial ass. Repack it, reship it at your own cost, and then wait for the seller to accept it, wait for them to send you a replacement/refund. Depressing state of affairs there.
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