Saturday, February 11, 2006

Assignment 1 Grades

CS578 Software Architecture: 93/100 | Weightage = 5% | Converted Grade: 4.65%
EE450 Computer Networking: 95/100

Got my grades for my assignment 1's from my CS 578, Software Architecture class and my EE 450, Computer Networking class and I can say I am not too happy about them. Especially the Software Architecture grades. I was literally robbed of some of my grades with useless mark deductals off some of my points. I might have to go in and get it rechecked. Most of it was standard though. Now that I know how the graders grade, I will have to raise my standard of submittal. Not give them anything to remove.

I probably made some blunder on my Computer Networking Assignment as well but I am not overly worried about that. I will just have to try to get above 95 though, because the teacher has been known to rob students during midterms and finals. This time the assignment was graded by the grader not the teacher. So gotta be careful.

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