Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

The protests that began over the irreverent depiction of the Prophet PBUH have started to grow out of hand in many countries of the world. I will just focus on the situation in Pakistan only. I will leave the rest as, just other bad apples in the bad lot of hypocrisies.

So what do the instigators of the protests call it. A rally against the depiction of the caricatures? Bullshit! They say these protests are being done in the name of Islam. Bullocks! What in reality these protests are, is a carefully played out and masterminded effort on the part of the Religious MMA party to take a swipe at the government. It is part of a bigger scheme of political wrangling among the MMA and the Government. A child and a young man were killed in the KFC ransacking by protestors in Peshawar. A school and other buildings were destroyed in a small town in Punjab. Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore have had problems with protestors disrupting the normal day to day lives of Millions of people. Is this in the name of Islam? Would our Prophet PBUH have wanted us to do this? Would a protestor with balls come up and tell me that their justification for killing a child and a young man is that some Danish newspaper published cartoons of the Prophet PBUH? What does Quran say about the killing of a human being, let alone a non-muslim or a muslim?

The MMA and other opposition parties have finally gotten something to incite the masses against the government. I believe the MMA and these protestors, along with the Bughti people in Balochistan, to be the biggest traitors Pakistan has ever known. They burn down business, kill innocent people and cause immense damage to the country as a whole just because some firebrand Mullah gets behind them and spurs them on by putting some Spice up their asses.

I believe the real problem is that these protestors have nothing better to do. They sit at home, watch the news over a cup of tea, and then they say, "Well, now that is something we can rally on against the government. We don't have anything better to do , so lets go." The problem is the lack of desire to do something for your country, to work for its betterment and your fellow citizens.

It is a sad day for Islam, when its "so called" protectors are it's biggest destroyers, trying to cause problems contrary to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah and giving everything they do, even if they burp, in the name of Islam. For God's Sake. Someone needs to tell them to go give us true muslims a break. Islam and its Prophet PBUH deserve much better than these scoundrels.
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