Thursday, March 09, 2006


Had my Software Architectures exam today, marking the end to the midterms. It was an OK paper which I think I did well in. WE will see when the grades come soon. InshAllah, hope to get good grades on this one. The questions were not hard, the paper wasn't easy though. There were questions that I required a little soul searching and mind searching too. All in all satisfied with the paper.

On the other hand, I got my Computer Networking result back and it is kinda pathetic to say the least. It is the lowest i've scored in a long long long time, maybe ever. I got 55/100. But InshAllah gotta buck up for the course and start preparing for final from today. Depending on how I do my final, I can either get an A- or B- or B+ or C in the class. It is now all upto that fateful one and a half hours in April. Ofcourse, there are still the occasional assignments to take care of but inshAllah those won't be a problem either.

I am back now, as well as "back" can be defined. I had never gone to be honest. I doub't I could have. I used to come back and read the encouraging and beautiful comments and support you guys gave me during these tough times. Thanks to all who did. Really meant a lot. I will need a lot more in the coming months ahead and I know I can count on my friends in the blogworld to be there when I need them. God Bless you all.
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