Sunday, July 02, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

*Revives the blog and gives CPR to it*.

OK I am back and still breathing. Got a lot of work on my hands. And I thought I was going to have an easy summer. This web tech course is going full swing. So much work and so little time. The course material is the same as a full 4 month course but in this case I only have around half that time. The midterm came and passed and I still don't know what grades I got in it. It went moderate. Not too good not too bad.

Summer is in full brutal swing and it's beating down real hard here in Los Angeles. The peak temperatures reach around 35 celcius these days and since my apartment has only one measly little air conditioner, I live my summer days quite diffculty. I am going to buy me a fan at least to throw back the hot air at me and make me a kebab.

Ok so who am I rooting for in the World Cup. Germany. Argentina is already out and Brazil was the other shocker, although france has always had a great record against Brazil, they even won the world cup last time they met in the final. Henry and Zidane are true soccer greats imho (In my honest opinion). Germany has a great attacking line as well as great midfielders. Portugal might win the world cup and it would be a welcome change to all these other nations winning always. They would win it after 40 years. England was no surprise with the amount of injuries they had at the start and their poor perfomances against weaker teams coming up the stages.
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