Thursday, November 11, 2004

Getting things done.

As it happens, life seems to go by and things get done somehow. I decided to stay in my current apartment on Campus with the option to transfer my lease from this apartment to another 2 bedroom apartment should my parents arrive. I still have to ask what if I dont get my OPT and the assurance of a two bedroom apartment. With that out of the way things will become a little less complicated and stressful for me in the coming days. All in good time as well, since I crunch month is coming up. Almost the end of semester and a lot of work to do.

Why is it that all teachers remember to increase the speed during the later days of the term? I got 3 assingments in the space of a week to do. Wonderful isn't it?

Non-Technical People are welcome to ask me what the things I will speak of now below mean.

The first one is from my Programming Languages class. I have to make a parser which will parse in both top down and bottom up parsing. An external program like Prolog will make the decision based on whether the grammer is complex enough to do a bottom up parse or simple enough to do a top down one. It will tell this to the actual parser.

The second assingment is also for the Programming Lanugages class where I have to first learn PERL and then design a SQL/PERL interface and database program.

One a side note: Firefox 1.0 was released on Nov 9th. It is one hell of a program and has finally been released. It is much better than Internet Explorer. For those of you who have never tried it, give it a try. It is faster and more secure.
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