Friday, May 27, 2005

Gre, Toefl and Universities

Its been a while since i updated this blog and in doing so I might have lost someof my friends who had an interest in this blog :P. But hey I have to take care of this University application process and it takes a lot of my attention and time.

I recently gave the TOEFL because even though I graduated from the U.S, some universities will only accept a genuine TOEFL score. SO i had to give it. Was a breeze. I got a 227-283 range with 283 if I score a top score on my essay and the 227 if I score poor on the essay. The essay is graded by a teacher later while the rest of the test if computer graded. That is why your given a score excluding your Essay score.

I still have three more universities to whom I have to send my application and stuff. Wish me luck. Universities I am applying to:

1. Texas A&M
2. University of Southern California (USC)
3. Iowa State University
4. Arizona State University
5. University of Illinois
6. University of Pittsburgh
7. Michigan State University
8. Western Michigan University

Wish me luck.
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  1. Applying for colleges is such a pain- hopefully its not taking too much time.. Good luck on getting accepted to them! They're really all over- do you have any preference, saying that you hypothetically got accepted to them all?

  2. Well USC definately if I get accepted to all of them followed closely by Univ of Pittsburgh and Texas A&M.

  3. choose an ivy league one! university of illinois.. I've got a friend who used to go there!

  4. The University of Illinois is not an Ivy league school Rachel :P..