Monday, August 21, 2006

Fall Semester Begins

OK People so the vacations are finally over. I got an A- in my Web Tech class and now I am all set and prepared for the new semester. Today was the first day of classes. My feet are killing me cuz of all the walking, buying books, conversing with old mates all over campus, going to the new orientation and scouting out new faces and making new friends.

I still have a few courses I need take care of interms of which I need to drop and which I need to take. I am on the wait list for 2 courses and taking 3 so far. Hope I get into the Artifical Intelligence class tomorrow.

Summer is almost over and the breeze is getting cooler by the day. It is good to be in LA. I don't know how I managed to survive in Michigan for so long. Must have been the human nature to adapt I bet. Sometimes it is really hard to cope with something you don't like. Adapting with something you like is easier than adapting with something you don't. Adapting to the LA weather was a welcome thing.
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