Saturday, September 08, 2007

Silence is Divine

Have you ever come across the saying, "Silence is Golden"? Lately I have come across situations where I realize, it does make sense. You open your mouth and think, what if I hadn't said that. Would things have turned out differently, perhaps?

I think life is a ball of fate. In that ball, is an amalgamation of threads; threads of fate. The path we choose is such a thread of fate. Sometimes we jump from thread to thread, changing our fates and fortunes as we scamper along to meet the demands of today's world, sweating along in our toils, hoping for the best and fearing the worst, praying for divine help and doing the devil's deeds.

It is such a jump from one thread of fate to another thread, that could occur with the wrong word said at the wrong time to sometimes, even the wrong person. So next time you open your mouth to say something, take a few seconds and think, do I really need to say this? Chances are you don't need to and if you really do, introspectively discern the consequences of your words before you utter them. They just might save you a lot of pain.

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