Thursday, March 02, 2006

Screw Up

My EE 450 Networking exam today was a major screwup on my part. The time available for the exam did not coincide with the difficulty of the exam and I, even though was able to finish it, did not do it right and am having a hard time coping with the result. God knows how many points I will get on it but inshAllah let's see what happens. The result should be out in a few days. One thing is for sure though, I will be studying day in day out for now on because I got my jolt today and now even surviving in the class, is my top priority.

On another note, my CS 585 Database assignment was also not complete when I submitted it. I am guilty of trying to put a lot of time on it and neglecting my EE 450 exam prep as well. I guess I need to manage my time better and set my priorities right. This situation would not have even arisen if I had started early on my DB assignment. The fault is entirely mine and noone elses. Let this post be a reminder to me to be puncutal and efficient in my studies, with minimal waste of time.

Software Architecture is, so far, looking easy but I know the bomb will soon drop because it is too silent on the SA front. The guns will blaze soon and I will have to shield myself and study hard from it now on as well.

I am back but I wish I had come back in a much better form, with much better news than this. I have the Database exam on Monday, the 6th of March and the Software Architecture exam on the 9th of March. Let's see what happens. InshAllah, for my sake, I hope it goes well.
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