Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Back - Partially

OK, I'm back partially. So I finished my Java assignment fairly well. Hope to score at least more than 80 in it. Let's see if Allah favors that logic or not. Being in MS means, you get done with one assignment, you get another one due for the same class. So factor that into 3 courses .. So 3 assignments just finished and 3 new ones on the day of submission. It's an ever present, ever repeating cycle. That's one reason I have been away from my bloggity blog. Chances are my frequence of posts here will remain haphazard until the 28th of April. That's the day of my final exam's last day.

I took a course for the Summer Session, because I want to be done with my MS fast. I registered "Analysis of Algorithms". I've heard its a tough course. Let's hope I can still do it. I took it because it is a very demanded courses in the Industry and most recruiters look at your transcripts to see if you've done it or not.

Fall registration also opened and I tried registering for the courses I want, namely, "Software Management and Economics", "Specification and Design of User Interface Software" and "Software Engineering". I got the first two but was put on the waiting list for Software Engineering. I need that course for the plan of study I have made out for myself. I hope someone drops it, so I can take it.
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