Friday, April 07, 2006

Summer and Rain

It's been raining a lot during the past week and the streets are all clean so to speak. Summer is also starting to bear down and today was particularly hot. If you sit in the shade though, you feel cold after a while. If you get out of the shade and soak the sun, you feel hot. What do you do? I was alternating between shade and sun all day while I was sitting outside studying. I think I spent more time moving then I did studying.

I am glad I am going to get 13 days of unhindered time for studying Computer Networking. No more excuses of not having time for it's final. Databases and Software Architecture will be done and over with by that time thankfully and I can concentrate fully on Networking.

I still haven't gotten into the waitlisted course I want for Fall 2006. On 14th April, the wait lists get rearranged and positions given to those that are on those wait lists depending on how many people don't register by the 14th.

P.S: For those that cannot access my blog from Pakistan, use this link for future use.
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