Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Robbery

Ok So I was over at my local Burger King waiting to have my fish burger prepared and I see this black dude come into the joint. He asks for a some napkins. Once he gets the napkins, he looks at me and I realize this dude is trouble. He was black, not to say that I am racist, and the way he was dressed sent alarm bells ringing in my head. I kept standing with my hands in my pockets. He walks past by me and goes across to these two girls sitting over by the window. One of them is talking on the phone while the other is eating. The miscreant stands for a while loitering about weirdly and as soon as the lady puts the phone down and ends her call, he runs past and snags the phone. The ladies shout and run after him but he is too fast and he is out the door before they can even touch him. Now all this while, i'm standing there wondering what a stupid thing to do. I say that because, our Universities DPS (Department of Public Safety), the Universities own police so to speak, are at the scene in no time. The officer asks me if I saw him and I tell him the description.

After a while they come back and say who got the best positive ID on the suspect. The Burger King attendant who had handed the napkins to the theif says he would be able to recognize the dude if he saw him again. So they whisk him over to the car and off he goes while i'm sitting there enjoying my Fish burger. When I finish he isn't back yet, so I decide to get the scoop on what happened from the attendant tomorrow. The next day I come back during my evening meal and the attendant tells me they had rounded up about 5-6 suspects and one of em turned out to be the phone snatching african american.

In short, Its stupid to steal when there are so many witnesses around you. Not that I am condoning stealing, but if you can't live without stealing, it might be something you want to consider before you blunder.
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