Sunday, May 14, 2006


With exams ending i've been chilling mostly, playing Counterstrike Source and watching Anime. It's funny when you don't have anything to do and your bored the days pass by so slowly. When I was studying they seemed to pass by so fast and I wondered if I could get my studying done on time or not. Grade reports for the other classes will be out by Monday. Let's hope everything is ok and I pass my first semester relatively safe.

My new roommate moved into the apartment recently. He is American and for the sake of privacy we will call him J. J is a PHD student in Mathematics and has that weird manner of talking, walking and stuff that most serious math people do. Don't know him that well yet so more on him will follow later as I get to know him. The Chinese moved out and I am glad he did cuz he was dirty beyond belief.

I seem to be getting over an illness that I caught recently. On the mend now. The weather in LA is getting hotter.
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