Monday, May 22, 2006

Summer Starts

So Summer semester officially started a few days ago. Been busy with the prelimnaries and did not get time to write here. I am taking "Web Technologies" as the summer course this time. The course is really fun and informative and teaches and touches on almost all the popular web technologies and languages out there including PHP, ASP, Perl, Javascripting, XML and all that fun stuff. Once I am done with the course, expect new stuff this blog. I will put what i've learnt to good use. The course insructor is really good. He knows his stuff and has taught the course for serveral years. Is eloquent and smooth in his delivery of the lectures. You never get bored. I love his lecture. The one snag to his class is that he has absolute grading, not relative grading. So gotta really work hard to get an A or A+ now.

I am still awaiting my inclusion in that course I am still on waiting list for. I was 21st on the waiting list of about 60+ students so I hope it comes soon enough. They send out Clearences every 2 weeks.

Apart from that the weather over here is getting warmer. Today it rained and is a bit chilly but still great weather compared to Michigan and its snow. I ordered a new game yesterday. "Heroes of Might and Magic V". Can't wait for it to arrive so I can devour it in my spare time.

Finally, to cap this post, I got a A in Software Architecture, an A- in Database Systems (I feel robbed here.. Missed A by like 1 percent), And a B+ in Computer Networking.
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