Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Germany Gone, Italy On Stage

Well Italy is through and Germany is out of the world cup. I was thinking Germany was the stronger of the two but the Italians proved me wrong. They fought really hard till the end. Personally I think Germany let their guard down too at the end and conceded those two goals. I wanna see an Italy vs. Portugal final with Portugal ultimately winning it since they have waited 40 years for this and never won a world cup. I don't want France to win in imho.

Other than life is going pretty much smooth here. Assignments and school keeps me busy most of the time. I am also starting to reread my fiction and just plain enjoying summer. Spent most of today watching the 4th of July fireworks from my Apartment roof. Since it is so close to USC, the fireworks were happening in the USC Football Stadium, a few blocks away from me. Fireworks technology has really progressed. Made me remind of Gandalf's Dragon firework, heck, I saw a butterfly firework today.
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