Monday, July 03, 2006

What is True Friendship?

Rant Mode On.

What the heck is true friendship? I see so many people talking about being friends and talking as if they are your best mates and all and behind your back they do their own little charades. I recently came back to find myself off the blog list of someone I thought I was friends with. Just cuz I was busy and didn't come around to talking much or didn't update my blog? That's a pretty lame excuse there cuz bloglist real estate is not limited. Look at my own bloglist. It is full of blogs that are not even updated anymore. And If your going to remove me off your list for whatever reason, let me know first. I'd appreciate it. My going away from my blog uncovered some things and I am glad it did. It was a blessing in disguise. Good riddance I say.

Rant Mode Off.
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