Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I Got Tagged

I got tagged by que sera sera. I have to write 5 weird things about me and then pass the tag along. Now lets see what the 5 things are:

1. I eat cereals with milk at 2 a.m in the morning because that is when I crave something sweet and nothing is better than cereal and cold milk. It helps me sleep better too.

2. When I listen to certain kinds of music, I get pumped up. Pumped up in the sense that I want to go out and beat someone up. I thought music was supposed to soothe the raging beast, not create one *scratches head*.

3. I love dragons. I'veimagined myself fighting them, taming them, riding them etc etc. Maybe it is because I was introduced to them at such an early age? Who knows. Bottom line: Dragons rock.

4. I think beauty is an illusion. Yes I said it and yes I am a man. I think beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and furthermore, beauty alone without character is like a porcelein cup, elaborately designed but empty.

5. I love the smell the rain makes on the ground when it mixes with the sand and earth. I have been known to just sit outside and take it in for hours at end at my grandfathers over in Kashmir. I know most people like it but I still think it's weird.

I am passing this onto Luda, Writers Creek, Arianuz, Heewa and Blue Water.

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