Friday, December 22, 2006

Wordpress and Blogger

So there is this dangerous trend I see among my friends wanting to move their blogs over to Wordpress. I ask them why would you that. First of all Wordpress is not free. Some of their advanced features that come free on Blogger, cost money on Wordpress. I think Blogging should be a free activity and noone should have to shell out money for it. I am talking about features such as making your own templates. Sure to many of you that might not seem much of a deal breaker since you guys are fairly content with the templates that are provided to you. But to a guy like me, who loves coding his own webpages, that is definately a deal breaker. I thought about moving to Wordpress 4 months ago but decided it wasn't worth it. Blogger has been criticized lately for all the wrong things. I see no difference in how I blog on the new Blogger compared to the old one. Infact, I quite like some of the features they've introduced.

Just thought i'd write something in support of a place that has given me constant joy as an outlet for my thoughts and ramblings as far back as 2004.

P.S: Haloscan Comments is not working with Blogger Beta right now. There are some bugs which will be ironed out soon. SO comments will be back soon :D. Save em in your head till I fix it.

Update: Comments seem to be working ok now. If someone notices any problems, please let me know.

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