Monday, December 18, 2006

Semester Ends

So the semester ended. It was one of the most hectic semesters ive taken in any school to date. That's the reason I haven't been able to update as frequently as I would have liked to. Still, the semester passed without any major incidents although the grades weren't entirely to my liking. With that out of the way, I am free until the 7th of January. Mostly I am just playing World of Wacraft all day, listening to music, watching TV and anime, and reading some novels to pass my time, not to mention sleeping. Well, sleeping seems to be a superfluous addition since I am up at 4 a.m writing this post.

Winter seems to be catching on with yesterday and today being the coldest days of this winter to date. I forgot how I managed to survive in Michigan before I came to California. Ah the adaptive power of the human body never ceases to amaze.

These days I am watching some new Animes. If any of you are fans of Animes, be sure to watch Fate Stay Night if you can get your hands on it. It is a good Anime and has a captivative soundtrack to boot.

Merry Holidays.

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