Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fair weather friends

Ok I am kinda pissed at Fair weather friends who first ask you to be their friends and when everything is done and said they just go away without even telling you why. I believe every person you call your friend, deserve to known why you cut their friendship with em and I am fed and tired of these fair weather friends popping out of the rocks and woodworks, making friends, having their whatver and then leaving. What is friendship to these people? Some feelgood? Or something else? Isn't friendship meant to be a deep bond of trust, loyalty and devotion. Isn't friendship being there for those you call your friends and don't your friends deserve to be told the truth and never kept in the dark? Well guess what, most are like that and then there are some who trounce on your trust and leave as the breeze of air they are. Whoosh here.. and whoosh gone. To all those kinds of people who are fair weather friends out there.. Grow up and learn the meaning of friendship and trust and if you cannot commit to that then don't even talk to people and make them your friends under false pretences in the first place. Enough said.
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