Saturday, November 19, 2005

Flu upon us

I hate flu season when the weather changes. And with the advent of Avian flu these days, people are on their toes and wary if it on another scale. It seems I have caught the flu as well and now I am in the process of recovery. Many people ask me if I take any medications during flu and I say well, minimal to none, because I don't believe medicines are the answer. They just reduce the suffering and make you heal faster. In medical tests its been proven that a Placebo can work just as well. The power of the brain to heal is more than any drug, I personally think. Think of your eating Soup or sleeping more as a placebo and think you will get better and you will. I have tried it so many times. Sometimes when your really feeling bad with a runny nose, an antihestamine could be good but anti biotics are bad on your body. Sure they kill the bacterial source but what about the other dabilitating things it brings? It kills a lot more than just flu bacterial cells. And with the amount of flu I get (4-5 times an year), taking antibiotics for each of those outbreaks would wreck havoc on my body. So in the end its time to let my body get used to the flu and sleep, eat soup, gurgle with salt water and all that natural stuff :D. Hope I heal sooner than later.
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