Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Packing is a Pain.

Sorry to the readers of my blog for my late post. I have been very busy with packing my stuff. Problem is that I have never moved in the US before anywhere. I came to my current location directly from Pakistan. There are a lot of moving companies here, but those that move from Michigan to California are relatively few. And that is where the problem arises. Packing is one thing, getting a hold of movers that will move them economically for me is a problem. I still haven't found one to my liking yet and still looking. Packing itself is proving to be relatively easy. I don't have a lot of stuff to move since the furnishings in my apartment are property of the University.

Another thing is finding an apartment in LA. I am still looking for good ones near the USC campus. USC Housing will reply to me by the end of November, if they have any apartment available ON campus. I applied fairly early for it and they said they will start allocating apartments by the end of November. If I don't get any there, I will have to try to get into the other apartments near campus but honestly, they are not what I want. I would rather stay on campus where the USC tram services are really accesseable.

So in the end my checklist:

1. Find a Moving company that will move my stuff to California from Michigan.

2. Pack my junk.

3. Get an apartment in LA.

4. Move.
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