Thursday, October 28, 2004

World of Warcraft Closed Beta Ends!

World of Warcraft Community Site:

The closed beta test is coming to an end. This Friday, October 29, at 3:00 PM PDT, the closed beta servers will go offline as we prepare to run another stress test. All active closed-beta accounts will remain active, and closed-beta testers will be receiving an email with instructions on what to do to continue playing in the stress test.

Finally!!!. It is close to being a reality. Soon Open Beta will start and then we will get to play World of Warcraft. Great news for all those of us who could not be in the closed beta and a little sad for those who got their characters all beefed up to level 60 in the closed beta since they most probably will be wiped for launch.
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  1. Aww yeah. It would be unfair if Blizzrad let beta people to keep their character when retail comes out. I think I heard something about Blizzard letting beta testers keep their characters but they will make a separate server just for former beta testers.

  2. I know Kasumi... It is so Unfair. I mean they didnt do anything special to get into the beta in the first place. It was pure luck so why should they be rewarded for it? Sure give them a seperate server so we dont have to coexist with them. I also hate the Localized server thing. I hope Blizzard changes that cuz im from pakistan. and If I go back home, It will be hard paying for it from there, although I will own the US copy.