Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Catching Up

Valentines day passed without much happening. I spent most of the day trying to catch up on my studies and got a lot of work done. Still have a long way to go. I am beginning to get my groove and feel for studies back and shifting into high gear now. USC is proving to be a challenging place to study at and I am sure I will be able to achieve my degree without any major problems.

Computer Networking (CN) is going along fine. Still have to start on the Database systems (DBS) assignment as well as the Software Architectures (SA) assignment. I plan on getting the CN assignments and reading done by today. It would be one less burden, helping me cope with the SA and DBS assignments.

Thanks to all of you guys who dropped by and gave your well wishes on Valentine's day. Hope you all had a blast and I am sure many of you did. Thanks also, for keeping on coming back to my blog. Not much to write about other than my assignments these days, cuz that is the only thing that is on my mind a lot lately.

Tech Talk:

For the tech savvy among you, this is the general summary of what I have to do in my three assignments. I will be posting tech related stuff like this from now on, along with the normal postings, also because I want to keep an archive of what I did for my assignments or mused about, tech wise. If you are not into this kind of stuff, your welcome to ask me questions about anything I talk about here, or you could just skip it, read the usual normal posts and save yourself the trouble *grin*.

  • Computer Networking: Take the Ethereal Software and capture packets off the ping and traceroute programs. Analyze these packets and answer the questions based on the packets. Questions such as source and destination IP's, length of the ICMP packet and it's included fields, difference between ping and traceroute ICMP packets and other ICMP general questions. The other CN assignment is based on material relating to the layered networking architecture. Questions relating to signal to noise ratio, Shannon's Theorem and some true and false questions as well as explanation type questions from the textbook itself.

  • Software Architecture: This assignment has questions relating to the to the Parnas Research Paper on the criteria of dividing modules in a software system. We also have to design a system and then answer questions relating to the interdependencies among the components and their connectors.

  • Database Systems: This assignment is a biggie and requires lots of work and time. It requires making an Object Relational Database from a scheme already given. Designing the tables for the relational part and then the object queries for the Object part and then testing and debugging. It also requires entering of significant test and dummy data. Might require a little research also because of Object Relational Syntax being subjective to different implementations, the one I will be using is Oracle 10G.

P.S. I am too lazy to make two seperate blogs and two seperate posts for normal and tech related information.
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