Wednesday, February 08, 2006

One more to go

Got done with the ER diagram assignment for my Database course. Not all that great, still skeptical about a few things in the assignment. There are so many ways of doing an ER diagram and so many small things that it can really get out on control really fast if you are doing it after a while. So let's hope I get some good grades for it, cuz the next two assignments are based on this one.

I had decided to cancel my PDA order last week. Some things had come up and I had to. Now I have again gotten the green light to buy it. I will most probably go with the Dell Axim 51v again. I also looked at PalmOne LifeDrive. I will give it a test drive. If I like it, I will also go for a LiveDrive, although the chances of that are very low. The Axim is so irresistable.

On another note, there is a person who has been going around harassing me and other USC students on the blogworld. To give you a little background about the whole deal, a LSU (Lousiana State University) student have been harassing USC students because of his/her jealousy that USC has won more National Football Championships than them. Simple fact. They were planning to put up a HUGE billboard near our campus in LA, telling us about their "so called" dominance over us. Sadly for LSU, a certain rich USC alumni decided to buy a billboard space for a few grands and use it to tell people of LSU's dreams, and also to donate funds to the Hurricane Katrina victims. Apparently he mentioned Katrina because LSU fans were good enough to pull out their pocketmoney for a billboard but not enough for relief efforts for Katrina victims. Now a certain LSU fan/student has been going around harassing USC students, fans and former alumni. If you see any of his comments on my blog, disregard the nuisance.
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