Monday, February 13, 2006

My Chinese Roommate

Ok this post is dedicated to my roommate. By dedicate, it doesn't mean you will get to hear only good things about him. Not Sir ree. You will get a proper introduction. For the sake of privacy let's call him D from here onward. Without further ado here we go:

D is from the People's Republic of China. His family emmigrated to the US recently but they live a bit far off. That is why, D stays with us guys and goes to USC. He is a Civil Engineering graduate student with emphasis on road and highway contruction. The guy is quiet, humble and an avid fish eater (more on this in a bit). He is fairly clean (I was worried i'd get a roomate who was a pig but thankfully I am ok). He doesn't talk behind your back and here I am writing a post about him, oh well, he isn't me now is he? Since his family recently emmigrated along with him, as I said before, he has difficulty speaking english like most oriental people not born in the United States. The good thing though is that he is trying very hard to learn new words everyday and tries to talk a lot with me in English (I am sure some of you know I don't speak chinese, Right?). He loves the television series "Friends" and has all the seasons on DVD. I am going to have to hound and watch them all over again sometime. The guy is talented (He got into USC, what do you expect).

D has an obsession with fish. The guy eats it like his life depends on it in some way. Normally I wouldn't mind that, since I eat out with my brother (who is my other roommate and goes to USC with me), but D, cooks fish in a weird way resulting in the smell going all around the house. I am kinda sick of it. The first day he tried cooking fish, the amount of smoke in the house increased tenfold and the fire alarm went off. In 5 minutes, the fire squad was here in their outfit and one had to watch D's face to feel sad for him.

Well there you are. That is D. I hope his fish fetish ends soon because otherwise, I am going to put him into the ocean with all the fish. (Ofcourse I am kidding, I wouldn't hurt a fly, you guys know that right?).
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