Monday, September 18, 2006


Some people just don't have any decency. Recently someone added me to their MSN list and when asked why the person did it, I was told the person was curious. Ok Fair enough. I can understand that part. But thats when things started to get stupid. I was subjected to a number of rude comments and what not and all the while till the very end I tried to remain calm. I thought it was just a bad day for the person and they needed to take it out on someone so its ok. Although the next day the same thing happened which resulted in me blocking and deleting the person from my list.

Now if you add someone don't expect to use them as a punching bag when they are being nice to you. If you have to take your anger out on someone, do it somewhere else. If you have to be discourteous and rude, do it somewhere else. You know who you are. I suggest you get a life. No offence but you need to learn that people other than you are also human beings and you need to think about someone other than yourself, as hard as it might seem. Good luck to you and I hope you remember, life isn't black and white. Gray has equal meaning.
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