Friday, September 15, 2006

Perfectionism and The Initial Push

What is a perfectionist? Someone who spends loads of time, refining and correcting things that are never wrong in the first place. Someone who tries to do everything to the best of his/her abilities. When he/she can't do that for one or the other reason, the person becomes disappointed and depressed for a small period of time. Are you a perfectionist?

I am a perfectionist. I try to do everything I do so that noone can find a flaw in my work (fallacy because all human work is flawed). Yet, I sit there after I have done something as asked in the specifications given to me or as told to me, I add features, try to enhance what I have done and then fiddle some more. Sometimes when I know I could have done a better job of something but I didn't, because of some unknown factor that I did not factor into my calculation, like starting late on something etc, I get depressed and down cursing myself for something that could have turned out better than how it did.

Which brings me to the next point. Do you sometimes find it hard to initially set out to do something, for example, the assignment due next week, or doing something someone has asked you to do.. etc.. But once you start it, at least for a perfectionist, it is continued until it is finished.

So to recap, I ask you two things in this post,

Are you a perfectionist?


Do you find it hard to initially start a task, but find it easier once you have it undertaken?
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