Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Earpiece Cellphones and Midterm

I was walking to the local Burger King to eat my dinner when I see this African American individual coming at me and talking as if he is saying something to me, talking about some celebrity whose name I have seemed to misplace in my head now. I thought he was talking to me, with me getting ready for defensive maneuvers mentally, cause you never know in a big city like LA. Suddenly he just passes by and I realize he is talking to someone on his earpiece cellphone describing to him/her the celebrity's fine qualities. I felt like kicking him in the nuts, not cause I believe he was about to jump me but because I think earpiece cellphones make you look like a retarded lunatic, especially the ones where you can't even see the earpiece device, which sometimes is small enough to fit where the sun don't shine. To the silent observer, you end up acting like a deranged nincompoop talking to yourself (well at first glance). At least a person can act like he/she is talking on the phone and be a little more discreet instead of openly staring at the people he/she passes by ....

Anyway, a midterm is upon me for my Software Cost Management classes. Really boring class. One of the worst I've taken in a long time. All you do is sit and do cost anysis and other business like mumbo jumbo. There is a reason I went into Computer Science. But meh, it was needed for the degree and surprisingly is a CS course.
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