Monday, September 11, 2006

Tom and Jerry Get The Ban

Ok I know the world is hypocritical but I did not know that they could be this hypocritical. I read a news article recently that said all 1,700 episodes of Tom and Jerry are going to be edited in which Tom appears to be smoking. This was done after complaints from concerned parents who say it adversely effects their children aged 14 and less.

Now here in lies the debate. How can a harmless cartoon teach a kid how to smoke. Blaming a cartoon for the inadequacies of a person's job as a parent is no excuse. I watched Tom and Jerry since I was 4 till now when im 25. I didn't start smoking and I don't intend to either. I call that good parenting and setting a role model for your kids. I know many parents that smoke infront of their kids yet Tom can't. I mean come on. They are going to destroy a classic cartoon just because some parents forgot they, not the cartoons, should be teaching kids things in the first place.

Watch Cartoon Network for a full day. A lot of toons on it make sexual explicit references and call a man's manhood a "peepee" and a "woohoo". Sure it might be veiled but does it mean kids are that dumb they won't pick it up? Check the animated cartoon feature films that are coming out like "Shrek" and "Over the Hedge". There are numerous adult references and themes in them.

In the end, a parent is no substitute for a fictional cartoon and destroying a classic cartoon like Tom and Jerry is just a sad excuse for poor parenthood in a hypocritical messed up world.
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