Friday, September 08, 2006

Job Search Strategies and New Gear

Its good when your in a top University and they try to teach you things that you normally don't get taught in many other Universities and Schools. I will be attending a Job Search and Interviewing Strategies workshop for 4 days in October and want to see what new things I will learn from it. It should be fairly entertaining, informative and enlightening.

I ordered a new mousepad for my new mouse. I purchased the Logitech G5 a few days ago and it arrived recently. I didn't have a good mousepad for my old mouse and decided I should invest in a good one that is going to last me a while. I ordered the Steelpad QcK mouse pad. It cost me $25 bucks but I hope its going to last me long enough to justify spending that kind of money on a mousepad. Since I play so much Counterstrike Source and other Computer Games, the added percision was another factor in my buying decision.

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