Monday, July 25, 2005

Teacher's Incompetency

Sometimes I want to curse my teachers a for not sending the letters of recommendation on time and then I think well they might have been busy but why do I have to pay for their lateness? Everything else in my application files are complete and yet only letters of recommendations are missing.. One from this uni... one from that.. It's getting frustrating. My parents went to Pakistan on an emergency visit and sent my transcripts from there to US and the Universities got them within a week and how can My letters of recommendation from one place to another place in the US be missing? It is out of my comprehension. I sincerely hope my letters get to their destined places because all my applying otherwise, will be for naught.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Letters of Recommendations Missing

What I don't get it that my teachers keep telling me they have sent my letters of recommendation for me to the Universities I applied to whom I applied.. THing is they havent reached the Universities they were supposed to reach. and Now I am kinda getting worried and my teachers have all left for summer vacations. :|
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Sunday, July 17, 2005


OK so I am back. I was hellishly busy these past weeks. Well lets start with the first order of buisness:

My mom left for Home and now she is safely back home. I was a bit worried about her travelling alone since she can't walk long distances considering the long distances you have to walk at London Heathrow and Chicago O'Hare. But she got home safe and sound partly due to the wheel chair requests I had put in earlier.

I have been mostly busy with finishing my applications to the Universities and now only the Statement of Purpose for a few of them are left. Mostly the day's pass by in that turmoil. I also started learning LISP (An Artitifical Intelligence Computer Language) on my own. I thought sitting home doing nothing in these days would be a sore waste of time and started learning side languages. I am going to also start C# one of these days.

Among other things, I have been reading some good Novels based on the Forgotten Realms Setting for the Dungeouns and Dragon Games. Most of you table top game players might know about it. I read Elminister In Myth Drannor a long time ago and played the Baldur's Gate games so I thought novels set in this setting would be a good read. I started with the Sembia series which is specially designed to introduce people to the Forgotten Realms setting. The first book in the series "Halls of Stormweather" introduces 7 characters and their stories and the latter books pick up each character's story. The first book is really good and I am about a few pages away from finishing it.

On another side note Counterstrike Source's new update is bad. It has started causing problems for many people due to the Anti Cheat stuff it uses. This Anti Cheat code has resulted in jerks and lots of lags during game and I hope Valve wakes up and starts making some corrections and releases a remedy update.
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