Friday, October 26, 2007

Saturday And Work

Sometimes when your starting out on a new job, you say to yourself, "Coming on a Saturday to finish up work and meet deadlines isn't too bad". That is precisely what I am doing tomorrow, for the second week in a row. I plan on keeping this Sunday to myself unlike the last one. Had to run along on a Sunday too last week.

This week's situation hasn't been helped much by the California wild fires. I had to evacuate on Monday. The fire came really close to my house but thankfully, the wind changed direction and went North, not South West, saving my precious belongings and abode unscathed.

Well off to a early bed for me on a Friday for my day at work tomorrow.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Price Of Stupidity

The looter is back. The person who took the people's money before, now took their lives too. She knew this was going to happen, she knew that while she waved with a smug and ugly smile, innocent people around her would die. She had credible evidence to know that she was going to be targetted, going so far as to write crappy letters to Pervaiz Musharraf, he telling her not to come. But no, she wanted to come. What does a looter care about the lives of it's people. Her father was drinking alcohol and sleeping in his pee when students were being killed on the streets. I guess bad blood runs in the family eh?

And what about those of you who want to not send forces into Waziristan because of your "peaceful dialogue". Do the dead yesterday care about your peaceful solutions. I don't think.

This is why we should send the Full force of Pakistan's combined forces into Waziristan.

The Pakistan army needs the support of its people. I've said it time and time again> Those that do this come from Waziristan and thats where we need to take the battle to.

I grieve for the victims of this tragedy but it is time we use our anger for something productive and remember all those people that died in this bloodbath. Let their deaths not be in vain.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Horrendously Busy

Life is good. And Ramadan is progressing well for me. I hope it is for you guys too. The weekend has been somewhat of a blessing for me since last week was quite hectic and the coming week is also going to be very busy at work. Updates might be slow but you never know. Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cereal vs. Oatmeal

I used to have oatmeal when I was younger and with my parents during Sahar in Ramadan. Nowadays I just have a plain bowl of cereal. I have to say, the oatmeal was better. Lots more energy in it than a plain bowl of cereal. It used to get me going all the day without even a hint I was hungry. Now I get hunger pangs around 3 hours before Iftar normally.

Note to self: Might want to add some boiled eggs or a paratha to the list of morning Sahar. Problem is, I don't know how a Aaalu ka Paratha with Cereal and milk is going to act up in my stomach. Guess we need to test that don't we.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Aural Bliss

Sometimes hearing the right thing means you need the right equipment to hear it. Short of an actual ear, a good pair of speakers or a good set of headphones will give you aural bliss like you've never experienced, while a bad pair will make your ears bleed. I ordered my spanking new headphones today from And guess what they cost me around 160 bucks. But it is a small investment for aural bliss.

The headphones in question are the HD-555 headphones from Sennheiser. Going by the multitude of reviews online, these cans can seriously dish out some good tunes. The best part about it is the changeable parts. I won't have to buy a full headset again just because the cable comes loose in one ear or the ear cushion goes bad.

Aural Bliss, Come forth and tickle my ears.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Silence is Divine

Have you ever come across the saying, "Silence is Golden"? Lately I have come across situations where I realize, it does make sense. You open your mouth and think, what if I hadn't said that. Would things have turned out differently, perhaps?

I think life is a ball of fate. In that ball, is an amalgamation of threads; threads of fate. The path we choose is such a thread of fate. Sometimes we jump from thread to thread, changing our fates and fortunes as we scamper along to meet the demands of today's world, sweating along in our toils, hoping for the best and fearing the worst, praying for divine help and doing the devil's deeds.

It is such a jump from one thread of fate to another thread, that could occur with the wrong word said at the wrong time to sometimes, even the wrong person. So next time you open your mouth to say something, take a few seconds and think, do I really need to say this? Chances are you don't need to and if you really do, introspectively discern the consequences of your words before you utter them. They just might save you a lot of pain.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Stupidy Hath No Bounds

So now we have players losing their cool in dressing room amongst themselves. Sadly this is not the first time Shoaib Akhtar has done something like this. He considers himself irreplaceable, hence why he acts in such a brazen manner most of the time. He has been pardoned far too many times. Asif should thank himself for escaping with only an injured thigh. It could have been worse. He should be commended for coming forward and telling the authorities about this incident. Shoab's vying to make a comeback even after this incident means that, either he is too stupid to realize what impact this might have on his career, or he simply doesn't care. How many times has he apologized and acted like a spoiled child for Pakistan Cricket?

The thing that is the saddest is his linking this to what Zinedine Zidane did in the World Cup by his head butting. If two wrongs could make a right, Shoaib Akhtar would be a very happy man. Sadly, they don't. If someone jumps in a well, you don't try to jump in too and justify yourself by saying, He jumped too, why can't I?

Shoaib Akhtar is the Britney Spears of Pakistan Cricket.

Read the Full Story on the Link Below:

Asif injured in dressing-room spat
'I'm human, I made a mistake' - Shoaib Akhtar

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Reza Says

Some of you might have noticed that the link does not appear anymore when you come to my website. Well to cut the story short, I bought the domain All of you can link to instead of the usual convoluted long blogspot URL to get to my blog. This will help solve the issue of bloggers in Pakistan not being able to visit my website, not to mention it looks good.

I have a renewd interest in the group Enigma and in a sudden impulse bought all their albums from Amazon. The music reminds of a multitude of games that I played as well as some fond memories of how the times when I first listened to the music. Isn't it amazing and surreal that sometimes music associated itself with memories and they all come rushing past as soon as you put in your favorite track, 10 years down the line. Magnificent.

Today's Enigma Track: T.N.T For The Brain

Monday, September 03, 2007

An Article Worth Reading

Pakistan needs politicians from the grassroots, not the elite

An Article worth reading. It shows how we are fooling ourselves into allowing Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif on returning. Mind you, I am not a huge fan of Musharraf either, especially after he tried forging a deal with Benazir Bhutto. Shows that everyone in Pakistani politics is there just to make sure he gets the most out of it and doesn't let go till it is pried from his dead and lifeless fingers.

P.S: I am back. I hope some of you still come to my blog. Hope to see you guys around.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Been a while

Thanks for your wishes on my birthday. Some of you took your sweet time *grins*. In either case. I am back from my hiatus. I was extremely busy with school and other types of mundane activities. Not to mention I was extremely sick too. I am back now. Still busy but my health is a little better. Hope to see all of you around. If you still come to my blog that is *hums*

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

I turn 26 on 17th January. An year wiser, an year saner, an year wrinklier, an year closer to fulfilling my destiny, an year closer to making my dreams come true, an year closer to supporting my parents, an year closer to marriage, an year closer to kids, and an year closer to my own death. Happy Birthday Reza Malik. May Allah bless you with whatever you want and more and make you a good human being. Ameen.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I am Back

I am back from my vacation over in Orange County with my cousins. It was a great trip which resulted in bonding me together with my cousins. Time well spent. I gained a few pounds on my Aunt's delicious cooking as well after eating Burgers for so long. Cheers. Tomorrow is the start of the new semester and I am looking forward to it with zest and zeel. Just 2 couses to go before I graduate inshAllah.