Thursday, September 21, 2006

Exams and the Flu

The exam practically sucked, for want of a better word. I didn't get to do what I could have and it basically pisses me off. The paper was pathetically made covering the most obscure features of the lectures. Maybe it is just me getting the "Grapes are Sour" Syndrome but in the end I messed up and there is nothing I can do about it. Better move on and get the next one aced.

The Flu made preparations insanely difficult. The soapy feeling in your nose, your eyes watering and wanting you to close them every 5 minutes and all that good stuff. I am on the mend now though and will be free of this scourge in a few days.
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Monday, September 18, 2006


Some people just don't have any decency. Recently someone added me to their MSN list and when asked why the person did it, I was told the person was curious. Ok Fair enough. I can understand that part. But thats when things started to get stupid. I was subjected to a number of rude comments and what not and all the while till the very end I tried to remain calm. I thought it was just a bad day for the person and they needed to take it out on someone so its ok. Although the next day the same thing happened which resulted in me blocking and deleting the person from my list.

Now if you add someone don't expect to use them as a punching bag when they are being nice to you. If you have to take your anger out on someone, do it somewhere else. If you have to be discourteous and rude, do it somewhere else. You know who you are. I suggest you get a life. No offence but you need to learn that people other than you are also human beings and you need to think about someone other than yourself, as hard as it might seem. Good luck to you and I hope you remember, life isn't black and white. Gray has equal meaning.
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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Flu Hits

I got hit by a virulent and stubborn flu today and have been in a state of haze and total miserability all day today. Well there goes my great weekend and with an exam coming up too. Studying with a flu is hard, as if studying healthy wasn't a challenge especially in my major. But thats all for now. Here's to a speedy recovery and lots of success *cheers to self*.
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Friday, September 15, 2006

Perfectionism and The Initial Push

What is a perfectionist? Someone who spends loads of time, refining and correcting things that are never wrong in the first place. Someone who tries to do everything to the best of his/her abilities. When he/she can't do that for one or the other reason, the person becomes disappointed and depressed for a small period of time. Are you a perfectionist?

I am a perfectionist. I try to do everything I do so that noone can find a flaw in my work (fallacy because all human work is flawed). Yet, I sit there after I have done something as asked in the specifications given to me or as told to me, I add features, try to enhance what I have done and then fiddle some more. Sometimes when I know I could have done a better job of something but I didn't, because of some unknown factor that I did not factor into my calculation, like starting late on something etc, I get depressed and down cursing myself for something that could have turned out better than how it did.

Which brings me to the next point. Do you sometimes find it hard to initially set out to do something, for example, the assignment due next week, or doing something someone has asked you to do.. etc.. But once you start it, at least for a perfectionist, it is continued until it is finished.

So to recap, I ask you two things in this post,

Are you a perfectionist?


Do you find it hard to initially start a task, but find it easier once you have it undertaken?
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Earpiece Cellphones and Midterm

I was walking to the local Burger King to eat my dinner when I see this African American individual coming at me and talking as if he is saying something to me, talking about some celebrity whose name I have seemed to misplace in my head now. I thought he was talking to me, with me getting ready for defensive maneuvers mentally, cause you never know in a big city like LA. Suddenly he just passes by and I realize he is talking to someone on his earpiece cellphone describing to him/her the celebrity's fine qualities. I felt like kicking him in the nuts, not cause I believe he was about to jump me but because I think earpiece cellphones make you look like a retarded lunatic, especially the ones where you can't even see the earpiece device, which sometimes is small enough to fit where the sun don't shine. To the silent observer, you end up acting like a deranged nincompoop talking to yourself (well at first glance). At least a person can act like he/she is talking on the phone and be a little more discreet instead of openly staring at the people he/she passes by ....

Anyway, a midterm is upon me for my Software Cost Management classes. Really boring class. One of the worst I've taken in a long time. All you do is sit and do cost anysis and other business like mumbo jumbo. There is a reason I went into Computer Science. But meh, it was needed for the degree and surprisingly is a CS course.
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Monday, September 11, 2006

Tom and Jerry Get The Ban

Ok I know the world is hypocritical but I did not know that they could be this hypocritical. I read a news article recently that said all 1,700 episodes of Tom and Jerry are going to be edited in which Tom appears to be smoking. This was done after complaints from concerned parents who say it adversely effects their children aged 14 and less.

Now here in lies the debate. How can a harmless cartoon teach a kid how to smoke. Blaming a cartoon for the inadequacies of a person's job as a parent is no excuse. I watched Tom and Jerry since I was 4 till now when im 25. I didn't start smoking and I don't intend to either. I call that good parenting and setting a role model for your kids. I know many parents that smoke infront of their kids yet Tom can't. I mean come on. They are going to destroy a classic cartoon just because some parents forgot they, not the cartoons, should be teaching kids things in the first place.

Watch Cartoon Network for a full day. A lot of toons on it make sexual explicit references and call a man's manhood a "peepee" and a "woohoo". Sure it might be veiled but does it mean kids are that dumb they won't pick it up? Check the animated cartoon feature films that are coming out like "Shrek" and "Over the Hedge". There are numerous adult references and themes in them.

In the end, a parent is no substitute for a fictional cartoon and destroying a classic cartoon like Tom and Jerry is just a sad excuse for poor parenthood in a hypocritical messed up world.
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Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Layout

I changed a few things on my weblog after taking a Graphical User Interfaces class. I learnt some do's and do not's of good web design. I will be adding more stuff to the weblog in the future based on what I learn in the class. For now I reduced the width of the middle layout to decrease the eye movement of the reader.
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Friday, September 08, 2006

Job Search Strategies and New Gear

Its good when your in a top University and they try to teach you things that you normally don't get taught in many other Universities and Schools. I will be attending a Job Search and Interviewing Strategies workshop for 4 days in October and want to see what new things I will learn from it. It should be fairly entertaining, informative and enlightening.

I ordered a new mousepad for my new mouse. I purchased the Logitech G5 a few days ago and it arrived recently. I didn't have a good mousepad for my old mouse and decided I should invest in a good one that is going to last me a while. I ordered the Steelpad QcK mouse pad. It cost me $25 bucks but I hope its going to last me long enough to justify spending that kind of money on a mousepad. Since I play so much Counterstrike Source and other Computer Games, the added percision was another factor in my buying decision.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

AI search algorithms and other headaches

The next AI assignment is due on the 16th of September and I am swamped with two other assignments coming up on the 11th and 8th of September, not to mention the 12th September GUI Project requirement specifications to hand in.

The AI algorithm is fairly straightforward, implementing the BFS, DFS and A* algorithms in Java. I've started on it already and have the map made using a HashMap for the nodes as the keys and an ArrayList as the data structure holding the nodes that can be reached from the node in the key. I have the class methods and specifications made for the BFS and DFS implementations. Just have to iron them out now. The A* is going to be after I do this.

I have a good group set up for my "Graphical User Interfaces" class. Both of my other two teammates are hardworking guys. One hails from Iran but is an American citizen and the other is good old fashioned Pakistani bloke from Islambad. Both are jovial and quirky characters that keep the atmosphere light and productive. Just how I like it. Sometimes when you are under stress and need to meet a deadline, having a group that knows how to laugh helps a lot. Takes the stress out of the whole thing and makes us think clearer on what needs to be done.

I have to catch upto a lot of reading for all my classes. The AI, GUI and Cost Management Economics specifically. Better get started this weekend and put the pedal to the metal.
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Alive but Busy

I am alive, but I am very busy with the Fall semester in full swing. Classes everyday and early morning and assignments and whatnot up the wazoo. Sorry for the late updates to those that DO come to my webpage still. Stay tuned for more. Will try to update more regularly regardless from now on.
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