Friday, July 14, 2006

India's Blame Game

What happened in Mumbai was a horrific thing. But what the Indian Government is doing now is equally horrific. It is pointing fingers at a soverign country without proof based on nationalistic fervor and to appease it's population by finding a convenient scapegoat. In this case, the scapegoat would be Pakistan. Today, an anonymous Indian politician who did not want to be named, blamed the Pakistani spy agency ISI for the bombings. Who in their right mind would accuse someone of anything without hard evidence?

And just when the peace talks were going on. Or should I say, so called peace talks. Till now India hasn't shown much acumen for peace with missing members at these meetings and delays and whatnots. Don't know about all of you guys, but I think India is not ready for peace. On one hand we have them blocking the sale of F-16's and causing a hue and cry over it through their Lobby in the US Congress and on the other side we have them building controversial dams on rivers that supply water to 95% of Pakistan. Seriously, who are we trying to fool here?

The blame game isn't surprising considering the fact that India has done it before. Remmeber the Hijacking of an Air India Jet a few years ago where the Indian media and others dubbed Pakistani hijackers were responsible only to be proved wrong when Indian nationals were discovered as the real culprits? I could name other incidences of the blame game played before but It won't help anyone. So it would be best for all of us if we could find out some real hard evidence. It is the 21st century and we are all educated citizens of soverign countries. Let's act like them shall we, mmkay?
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Got Tagged

I got tagged by Inkpot. So here you go Inks:

You Are 12% Gross

You're not gross, but you tend to think everyone else is. And you're right... they are!
Some people may think you're a neat freak, but at least you'll never die of flesh eating bacteria.
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Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Final

So today it is the final between Italy and France. Personally I didn't want France in the final but meh. I still want Italy to win and thats the team I am rooting for. They deserved every second to be in the final of the World Cup. Currently they are tied at 1-1 with Gianluigi Buffon having made a world-class save to deny Zidane a goal. I am hoping Italy can score before I finish this blog entry. That would make my day.

Update: Italy did win the world cup and I am quite happy. That head butt on Zidane's part was totally stupid and dumb. I wonder why he did that and that will always be a mark on his career and always a question mark. Congratulations Italy.
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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Germany Gone, Italy On Stage

Well Italy is through and Germany is out of the world cup. I was thinking Germany was the stronger of the two but the Italians proved me wrong. They fought really hard till the end. Personally I think Germany let their guard down too at the end and conceded those two goals. I wanna see an Italy vs. Portugal final with Portugal ultimately winning it since they have waited 40 years for this and never won a world cup. I don't want France to win in imho.

Other than life is going pretty much smooth here. Assignments and school keeps me busy most of the time. I am also starting to reread my fiction and just plain enjoying summer. Spent most of today watching the 4th of July fireworks from my Apartment roof. Since it is so close to USC, the fireworks were happening in the USC Football Stadium, a few blocks away from me. Fireworks technology has really progressed. Made me remind of Gandalf's Dragon firework, heck, I saw a butterfly firework today.
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Monday, July 03, 2006

What is True Friendship?

Rant Mode On.

What the heck is true friendship? I see so many people talking about being friends and talking as if they are your best mates and all and behind your back they do their own little charades. I recently came back to find myself off the blog list of someone I thought I was friends with. Just cuz I was busy and didn't come around to talking much or didn't update my blog? That's a pretty lame excuse there cuz bloglist real estate is not limited. Look at my own bloglist. It is full of blogs that are not even updated anymore. And If your going to remove me off your list for whatever reason, let me know first. I'd appreciate it. My going away from my blog uncovered some things and I am glad it did. It was a blessing in disguise. Good riddance I say.

Rant Mode Off.
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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

*Revives the blog and gives CPR to it*.

OK I am back and still breathing. Got a lot of work on my hands. And I thought I was going to have an easy summer. This web tech course is going full swing. So much work and so little time. The course material is the same as a full 4 month course but in this case I only have around half that time. The midterm came and passed and I still don't know what grades I got in it. It went moderate. Not too good not too bad.

Summer is in full brutal swing and it's beating down real hard here in Los Angeles. The peak temperatures reach around 35 celcius these days and since my apartment has only one measly little air conditioner, I live my summer days quite diffculty. I am going to buy me a fan at least to throw back the hot air at me and make me a kebab.

Ok so who am I rooting for in the World Cup. Germany. Argentina is already out and Brazil was the other shocker, although france has always had a great record against Brazil, they even won the world cup last time they met in the final. Henry and Zidane are true soccer greats imho (In my honest opinion). Germany has a great attacking line as well as great midfielders. Portugal might win the world cup and it would be a welcome change to all these other nations winning always. They would win it after 40 years. England was no surprise with the amount of injuries they had at the start and their poor perfomances against weaker teams coming up the stages.
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