Saturday, October 29, 2005

Housing Application and All

Ok today me and my brother went to Fedex our housing application for campus housing Over at USC. oo btw USC = University of Southern California, for those of you that don't what USC stood for. Hopefully I will get accomodation into my first choice of apartment on campus.. Thats it folks.. Stay tuned.
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Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Brother got into USC !!

OK here is the good news. My brother has also gotten into USC and now we are thinking of going to USC together since it is still more prestigious and their school of engineering is ranked 7th in the United States. Me and my parents decided that even with financial difficulties, it's worth it going to USC. Me and my brother will have to buckle up and probably get Research assistantships or Teaching Assistantships to support our education.

I guess I will be going to the sunny state of California after all :D. and having my brother beside me is gonna add to the fun. Alhamdolillah Im very happy :).

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Incoherent Ramblings of the Indian Media

I came across two articles on the internet recently, both published by the Indian media which highlight in a number of ways, the biased attitude of the Indian media towards Pakistan. So onward to the first article.

Rediff Article

In this article Mr. Vijay Dandapani, some unknown columnist for rediff says a lot of useless bull about how the pakistanis have been reduced to eating grass in order to sruvive. I mean come on, do we have to go so low in our journalistic aspirations that we make mockery of a nation and its people? Unfortunately it seems some people, like Mr. Dandapani do go low. At a time when when the world is mustering up aid and supplies to the quake ravaged area, this columnist has the gall to say that "The quake has once again brought Pakistan to the fore of international concerns with aid spigots being rushed open" and goes on to compare this to Pakistan's response to 9/11.

Mr. Dandapani goes on to say that Pakistan has contributed to the worldwide terrorist threat. Thats some BS for you right there. Enough said. Moving on. When the columnist says that "General Musharraf's praise of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's offer of aid notwithstanding there is no hint of any tangible move in the direction of peace. It is unlikely that brownie points from someone intent only on one-upmanship, if not destruction of his opponent, will accrue to India's benefit.", he basically is unaware of the fact that India has declined to open the LoC as per Pakistan's proposal to allow ravaged and seperated families to visit their loved ones and even says that "India will not allow the restraint free travel of people over the LoC". So what peace move are we talking about here. When Pakistan makes a move, India has always tried putting the bad light lamp on Pakistan and shifting the blame, instead of going ahead and showing it is serious about peace.

The columnist further encourages India to do what Ariel Sharon did with the palestinians by totally ignoring Pakistan until a democratic setup can be put in place in Pakistan. That is like saying, "lets say no to peace and close our doors and windows, lock our doors and sit in our little cottage and wait". At a time when the people of Pakistan are dying, this columnist is comparing India and Pakistan over baseless things, which at this time of need, mean nothing to the ordinary man.. except maybe indians themselves who woudn't really care about anyone in Pakistan. In closing I would like to say that, Mr Dandapani, it is people like you, that through your columns, spread propoganda hate and biased journalism in the face of even natural disasters and reduce any glimmer of hope of peace ever blooming between Pakistan and India. This is not the time to say I am the better player and your not, Mr Dandapani. There are some things more important in life than mere dirty politics and useless ficticious agendas.

Now onward to the second piece of news that caught my fancy and amused me a little as well, was this one:

Times of India Article

Now this article creates a hoopola over Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), being shown as a part of Pakistan and not as a disputed terriroty. It basically says that even though 2% of the Indian population has Internet access, Google Earth's depiction of this so called "error" is significant since it collects information and blah blah. I mean come on "Times of India", you paranoia knows no bounds. You are worried about your 2% population finding out PoK is shown as a part of Pakistan? Talk about unconstructive and unsubstantiative journalism.
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Friday, October 21, 2005

Updating after a while

Ok So times have been hectic. I got into MSU as well and now I have decided to go to MSU and not USC as originally planned. This is due to personal reasons as well as the fact that USC costs more than double what MSU costs and is ahead of MSU only about 1-2 rank places. Moving to MSU will also be easier for me since I am already in Michigan. I intend to move by the end of November and be settled at MSU by the start of December.

I have been calling U-Haul and the other moving places and getting price quotes on the cheapest way to move my stuff there. My dad also proposed the idea that I should also get a driver's liscense, which I probably will do this week or the next.

Other than that nothing much is happening in my life. My parents were very happy after I got into MSU cuz my brother also got in and now both of us can again be roommates :D. Fun times ahead and also some challenging times.
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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Random thought

I guess noone wants to comment on anything in my life or even vists this webpage anymore.. Those people that told me "I'll come by your weblog.. its cool and see what your upto" are kinda getting old and they never come back :D. But I will continue this as a diary whenever and however I feel like writing in it. I don't have the luxury of updating it everyday since I have become BZ again after my admission information and Now im planning to move to California so not many updates but PLEASE if you want to tell me something do leave a comment. But I don't expect people to come to this weblog regularly :D. its not your Spicy, intrigue filled blog. Just a guy's diary.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I GOT into USC... WOOT! >. ITs quite a happy day for me. I was sleeping and my brother received the DHL packet from USC this morning. When I woke up he is like "There is a packet from USC for you". Needless to say, I opened it anxiously and found my welcome packet and admission letter :D. Now to find housing and all that finalization. SO much to do so little time :D.
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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Massive Earthquake in Pakistan

There was massive earth quake today in Pakistan and I would just like to say that my heart and prayers goes out to everyone effected. My parents called my grandfather in Kashmir.. and he is safe Alhamdolillah. But the death toll has now risen to about 1300. Humanitarian Aid Efforts are underway. Lets all join hands and pray for all those effected and all those that might be affected due to the after shocks that will most likely come.

IF any of you guys are reading this please comment on what your situation is so we can all pray for each other. Stay strong, Stay positive and we will get through this Pakistan.
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TAMU accepts my Transcripts

I had gone to WMU, old old University, and had asked them to send my transcripts they had received from Pakistan when I had transferred as a student to them, to TAMU. They declined to do so saying that the transcripts had now become the sole property of WMU and thus could not be sent to another University. I conveyed this to TAMU in an email and today I got a reply from them saying that the supervisor at the Office of Admissions had reviewed my application documents and had accepted them. They said my application has been forwarded to the Department of Computer Science. Ramzan Charm :D.
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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Problems Problems

Ok So I went to WMU and asked them if they could sent my transcripts they had received from my Uni in Pakistan to TAMU and apparently US law doesn't allow that the transcripts me released to a third part. So I cannot have my transcripts from WMU sent to TAMU. I guess I will have to email the lady again and tell her the situation.
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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy Ramzan Mubarak

Happy Ramzan Mubarak to everyone out there. Hope you guys have a blast during ramazan and pray loads and all that good stuff :D.

This is the latest news regarding my Universities:

USC: Decision has been taken and the letter of admission still not mailed yet. It will be soon. Found that out today when I gave them a call and was picked up a polite gentleman who was nice enough to clarify all my questions.

UIC: Have been asked to send in my release form so that I can be offically enrolled in the University. I have asked for a later date to send the form and thus will wait until at least 20th of October for the other Unis to reply before committing to UIC.

Texas A&M: They have asked me to send my transcripts via my University here in the US to them. These transcripts are the ones that WMU received from my University in Pakistan and thus will be sent by my University to TAMU.
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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Texas A&M

oK i Got an email from Texas A&M saying my transcripts from my University in Pakistan are not official and provisional. I don't get the logic behind it. Some of the other Universities haven't said anything like that. Every University I guess has thier own logic and rules and I think it depends on the person evaluating the transcripts. In any case, I was told to give a written plea to the Director and see what she can do. I wrote and faxed it today. Let's see what happens. Things are getting scary regarding the admission thing.
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