Monday, June 12, 2006

Guilty of Hiatus

Ok so you all might be wondering if I am dead or alive. Well the good news is that I am alive. Just been swamped with assignments and what not and just enjoying summer enough to not have time to come over and write on the blog but will take the time to do so since my faithful (I hope) readers still come by here and not anonymous error prone click thoughs end up here.

I am having fun in my class. Got a huge assignment going right now and trying to make the bloody deadline. People say it's summer in California but it sure doesn't seem like it to me. The weather is cool, clean and comfortable.

Well the Soccer World Cup started a few days ago and there were no surprises although I did think that England could have scored more than a solitary goal against thier opponents. Iran were wiped clean by Mexico and well Argentina and Germany are looking really strong. Let's see what the US does againt the Czech Republic tomorrow. I hope they dont make a fool of themselves and get a good score going although I do admit the czech's have a good team.
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