Sunday, November 27, 2005

Started Selling my stuff

Ive started selling my stuff and its been selling like hotcakes, in preparation for my moving to LA. I made 160 Bucks so far from the selling. I sold my old PC which I sold for a 100 bucks in itself. So its been a pretty good 4 days and I am also starting packing the other stuff now. Things looking up..

Still no news from USC though about the allotment of an Apartment for me. Thats the only news that needs to be forthcoming in the next few days and its a matter of concern for me. Hope it comes soon.
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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys. Since I am muslim I don't celeberate it but I wish you all the best wishes on this Thanksgiving. You guys need to drive safe and stuff.. Getting there to your loved ones is awesome but dont hasten it and be a danger to yourself :P. Eat those turkies up and have have fun y'all.
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New Frame and Glasses

Went today to get my new Frames and glasses. Got me a good deal on a strong Titanium frame today. So strong and hard to break. All in all cost me half a grand approximately. Since I am getting glass lenses with coating, it will take a little over two and a half weeks to make em since glass is not used a lot anymore here in the US. People used Polycarbonate, High Index and Plastic here. All in all a really good frame for a good deal.

On the other front USC sent me Health Insurance Papers yesterday and I am looking over them these days. Still looking foward to hearing from the USC hoursing offices for allotment of an apartment to me on campus.
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Sunday, November 20, 2005

My Glasses Broke :D

SO today I am cleaning my glasses and wham the frame breaks on the left lens and the lens come tumbling down into my hand. Needless to say I was shocked and dissapointed. I bet the lenses I had put in these frames recently were the reason cuz the Lens crafter didnt cut the lens right and had scrwed the frame in pretty tight and caused a lot of strain on the frame and caused it to break. Didn't know that could happen to your frames before. My frist experience with that sorta thing heh. Good thing I have a replacement pair. Problem is it has older lenses, not current ones so wearing it still better than wearing nothing at all, but still not fun wearing em. Gotta go tomorrow and get me some new glasses made.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Flu upon us

I hate flu season when the weather changes. And with the advent of Avian flu these days, people are on their toes and wary if it on another scale. It seems I have caught the flu as well and now I am in the process of recovery. Many people ask me if I take any medications during flu and I say well, minimal to none, because I don't believe medicines are the answer. They just reduce the suffering and make you heal faster. In medical tests its been proven that a Placebo can work just as well. The power of the brain to heal is more than any drug, I personally think. Think of your eating Soup or sleeping more as a placebo and think you will get better and you will. I have tried it so many times. Sometimes when your really feeling bad with a runny nose, an antihestamine could be good but anti biotics are bad on your body. Sure they kill the bacterial source but what about the other dabilitating things it brings? It kills a lot more than just flu bacterial cells. And with the amount of flu I get (4-5 times an year), taking antibiotics for each of those outbreaks would wreck havoc on my body. So in the end its time to let my body get used to the flu and sleep, eat soup, gurgle with salt water and all that natural stuff :D. Hope I heal sooner than later.
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

First Snowfall of Winter 2005

Today was the first snowfall for winter 2005 in Michigan and it was a confoundedly bad day. I personally hate snow. I used to like it when I came to the US. I had never seen snow in my life and seeing it for 3 years was enough for me to say ok Enough. And I couldn't have said that at a better time. I am finally moving to LA and away from snow.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Packing is a Pain.

Sorry to the readers of my blog for my late post. I have been very busy with packing my stuff. Problem is that I have never moved in the US before anywhere. I came to my current location directly from Pakistan. There are a lot of moving companies here, but those that move from Michigan to California are relatively few. And that is where the problem arises. Packing is one thing, getting a hold of movers that will move them economically for me is a problem. I still haven't found one to my liking yet and still looking. Packing itself is proving to be relatively easy. I don't have a lot of stuff to move since the furnishings in my apartment are property of the University.

Another thing is finding an apartment in LA. I am still looking for good ones near the USC campus. USC Housing will reply to me by the end of November, if they have any apartment available ON campus. I applied fairly early for it and they said they will start allocating apartments by the end of November. If I don't get any there, I will have to try to get into the other apartments near campus but honestly, they are not what I want. I would rather stay on campus where the USC tram services are really accesseable.

So in the end my checklist:

1. Find a Moving company that will move my stuff to California from Michigan.

2. Pack my junk.

3. Get an apartment in LA.

4. Move.
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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Save King Quest IX : Every Cloak Has A Silver Lining

My attention was brought today by a reader of my blog to this interesting piece of news. The King Quest games were huge popular adventure games during the 80's and 90's. Being a fan of King's Quest games since I was a little kid, I had to write an article about this.

I use the words exactly as they were used by the reader who emailed me the story because he outlined it so well and I will let his words do the talking.

" Are you familiar with the King's Quest games? They were very popular adventure games made by Sierra in the 80's & 90's.

In 1999, Vivendi purchased Sierra, and almost immediately decided to stop making adventure games. They didn't feel the market was strong enough to support the genre any longer.

So, in 2002, a group of fans decided to make their own King's Quest game. They were doing it to pay homage to the series they loved, NOT to make any money. When finished, the game was going to be made available to anyone who wanted it, for free, via their web site (

Over the course of the next four years, over 40 people worked on the game. Programmers, writers, artists, animators, actors -- all because they loved King's Quest.

It was due to be released this December, but just a few weeks ago, Vivendi issued a cease & desist letter to the fans making the game. They were forced to shut down.

Some King's Quest fans, including myself, have joined forces in an effort to save the game. We've just recently launched a website.

We're asking everyone to send an email to Vivendi, and we've made it very easy to do so via our website. There's an email link there -- you click it, and up pops a new email all ready to go. All the user have to do is hit send. It literally only takes 10 seconds.

We understand Vivendi's right to stop infringement on their intellectual property, and hold no anger or resentment towards them for doing so. We understand that they were only doing what any responsible corporation would do. All we want is for them to consider the possibility of making an agreement with the game makers, so the game can be released legally. "

There have been other fan remakes of King's Quest games like the ones made by I have played both the remakes that agdinteractive made and both are fun and wonderful games that brought back old memories of the King's Quest games. I am betting that King's Quest IX will be as wonderful. Many people have put in lots of hours on this game and worked day and night for it, just because they are die hard fans of the game. Vivendi should let this game be released on that point alone. We King's Quest fans, and Adventure genre fans in general, have gone long enough without a good game, let alone a King's Quest game. I ask any other supporters of the King's Quest games to please lend your voice to the cause and convince Vivendi that it should allow King's Quest IX to be released as a free download so that we can once again visit the long forgotten days of King's Quest. More power to your guys at
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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fair weather friends

Ok I am kinda pissed at Fair weather friends who first ask you to be their friends and when everything is done and said they just go away without even telling you why. I believe every person you call your friend, deserve to known why you cut their friendship with em and I am fed and tired of these fair weather friends popping out of the rocks and woodworks, making friends, having their whatver and then leaving. What is friendship to these people? Some feelgood? Or something else? Isn't friendship meant to be a deep bond of trust, loyalty and devotion. Isn't friendship being there for those you call your friends and don't your friends deserve to be told the truth and never kept in the dark? Well guess what, most are like that and then there are some who trounce on your trust and leave as the breeze of air they are. Whoosh here.. and whoosh gone. To all those kinds of people who are fair weather friends out there.. Grow up and learn the meaning of friendship and trust and if you cannot commit to that then don't even talk to people and make them your friends under false pretences in the first place. Enough said.
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