Saturday, April 30, 2005


Ok I finished giving my GRE yesterday and boy was it different. The whole format was a little off compared to what I had studied. I scored 650 on my Quantitative and 530 on my Verbal. Its middle of the field, nothing too spectacular but I guess its still something. Now I am going to apply into some Universities based on that score and see if I get in.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Short Departure

Ok back after 2 days. Sorry for not posting these two days. I was preparing for my GRE and had some other stuff to do. It was real hectic. Now there isn't much to tell. I am giving my GRE soon on Friday. Hope it goes well. I really studied a lot.
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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Home cooking

I love my mother's cooking. I have tried to like a lot of foods but the way my mother cooks really is tooo damn good heh. I was all full and bloated today with the food she made today and really had a hard time breathing even. Gluttony ah well. It's not good but when you haven't tasted your mum's food for 3 years, its allowed in my view :D. Apart from that nothing much happened today. Same old slow and boring day.
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Friday, April 22, 2005

Guildwars coming out on 28th

Ok Guildwars will finally be released on the 28th but players who preorderd it will be able to play it in the Early Access Period on the 27th. Can't wait for it. It is one of the better MMORPGs to come out this year.

Other than that nothing much is happening these days. Trying to finish up on my GRE these days. I have my exam late next month. Hope it goes well. If I get a good score I get into a good university and do my masters otherwise I'll just keep on finding a job :D. Let's pray for the best and hope for the best as well.

I might just try and going to the same University where I did my Bachelors from if I don't get a great score because it is just a formality at the university you do your BSc from. Lets see what happens.
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Ok i've had a lot of people asking me how to install that calendar I installed over to my right bar. It is quite easy. It is made by another Blog user and its called Bloglender. You can go here to download it

BlogLendar at Just Another Wiki

Once you extract the downloaded file, have a look at install.txt. It has a lot of information about properly installing bloglender. If you still cannot figure it out drop me an EMAIL please, and I will reply to it with all the details and such. Enjoy!
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Thursday, April 21, 2005

New Cousin

There was the addition of another little cousin in our family. My uncle from my mother's side and his wife had a new son. Congratulations to them. They still haven't named the little guy. Hopefully soon :D.

Ok I did some modifications to the weblog. I added a calendar made by Ming and Andy which I got from Ming's blog. Great calendar Ming. Adding it was a breeze and if any of you want to know the specific details and have trouble understanding Ming's included Install.txt file, drop me an email.

I also added the word of the day on the left hand side of the weblog. It is a good way to keep your vocabulary sharp and upto the times. It will update with a new word everday straight from You can add it to your blog as well by going to and getting the code snippet.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Slow Slow day

Another slow day made a little unberable by the fact that my airconditioner in the living room isnt working right and I had to spend a not so comfortable afternoon in here. On another note, relatives are pretty pathetic these days and come in all kinds of flavors and sizes. Those that used to call day after day now rarely call. I guess the novelty wears off after a while but hey if they don't wanna interact then I wish them the best heh.
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Monday, April 18, 2005

The Da Vinci Code

This book is really insane. It is one of the best novels ive read this year. It mixes accurate historical facts with an intriguing mystery and keeps the reader at edge. A really masterful book. A recommended read.

I finally shipped my DVD writer back to the manufactuer today for a replacement. Fedex charges 25 bucks to have them pack your stuff for you. When I heard this I thought I would try doing it myself. I am short on cash and I didn't have an extra 25 bucks lying around heh. All in all it went without a hitch. I just hope it reaches its destination without facing too much turbulence heh. Other than that today's day was slow. Summer is finally around the corner. There was significant heat today and the a breeze was virtually non-existant. Talk about a suffocating feeling.
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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Guild Wars and Other Stuff

I recently had the opportunity to play in the Guild Wars beta. It is a pretty neat game. It is basically an MMORPG and is played over the internet. For those that want to see what it is, you can do so by going to this webpage

Today's DVD writers are a piece of crap and it reminds me of the days when CD writers were first making their debuts. My current Toshiba DVD dual layer writer is malfunctioning and I have had it for only a month. I am sending it back cuz it is still covered under warranty. Let's hope the replacement NEC drive is better than this piece of bad hardware (to be polite).

Another thing with technology that always bugs me, although I know thats how the nature of technology, is that you buy a new piece of hardware and after a short amount of time another better, bigger and badder piece of hardware comes rolling off the production lines. My current laptop already has upgrades to its motherboard coming out. Ah well, thats how technology is.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Today I started learning VB.NET in my spare time. Think of it VB in a NET framework. Being a member if the ACM helped a lot in this regard. I was able to find a great book free in their library that really lays out all the neat stuff about VB.NET. VB applications can be ported over to VB.NET but as such VB and VB.NET are different languages with syntactical differences.

C#.NET is the language I have wanted to learn for a long time. There are a lot of tutorials and excellent free matieral out there to jump start the course to learning this language. I managed to download a great free IDE. It is called SharpDevelop and it can be found here at

SharpDevelop provides an IDE for VB.NET, C++ and C#.NET. It is a great free program if you don't have the money to pay for Visual Studio.NET.

I will be posting code snippits and my progress with VB.NET as well C#.NET, depending on what I am doing in either of these languages.
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A Job possibility and other Ramblings

Well it seems I might have a job possibility. A friend of mine told me there is a solid position becoming available soon and I should apply. I might get the job. Let's see if I do. All fingers crossed.

Other than that I have just one little quam. I am getting almost no visitors these days and noone seems to leave a message or talk on the chatterbox lately. Come on guys dont be a stranger. Let me know your blogs and I'll be sure to come by as well. That's one of the fun of blogs. Sharing your thoughts and life.
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Thursday, April 07, 2005


ok my prep for GRE is entering its final phases now. I think I know enough now and have brushed up on the skills to score decently on the GRE. If only the time contraint could be erased :p. Anyway Nothing else much really happened today. Slow day for the most part.
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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

XML and C#

In a new survey C# was said to be the most popular medium among programmers these days followed by Java and C++ and the rest of the flock. It made me realise I needed to learn C# and from today I started on a little tutorial to get me on my way to learning it. Pretty common to C++ with some differences along the way. XML is another must know language which I'm trying to learn amid my GRE prep. Not many visitors come to the blog anymore compared to when it was up but that is going to change hopefully. See you guys around.
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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Life keeps Rollin

Another largely uneventful day passed by. Did some GRE prep, got some work done and generally was laid back all day. I am going to try to apply for a few job positions soon as well as get my GRE prep finished in the coming week.

On the home front, the audacity and effrontry of some of my family members astonishes me. They feel so grieved when I call them about something that's wrong in my life, yet they never have the decency to call themselves. AH well, relatives.

It's been dull around here ever since I came back yesterday. Not many visitors and some that used to have me on their blogs seem to have removed me.. while others have still kept me on theirs and I thankyou :D.
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Monday, April 04, 2005

Back from Hiatus

Ok I am officially back from my Hiatus. It has been a little while and in the meantime i've seen my website go stale and dank. Part of the reason is my parents coming to visit me. My dad left soonafter but my mother is still here and she will be here until the end of June. It's good cuz I hadn't seen my mother for almost 3 years before she came. They coudn't make my graduation but it was still a fun time. Scooting over to California to visit some relatives as well as Ohio was really eye opening. It was mildly fun as well. These days I am concentrating on my GRE preperation which I will soon give. I am also trying to find a job. Well let's hope to no more Hiatus and more fruitful endeavours and results in life for me and for everyone of my blog visitors. I hope you still come by the website :P you know who you are :D.
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