Thursday, March 30, 2006

Be Back Soon

Will be back shortly. Just a little more. 4 more days and then the pressure reduces a little. Stay tuned.
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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Still Alive

Just to let you all know I am still alive. Been busy and still am. See you guys around in a few days.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Java Database Assignment

On Madiha's insistance I am posting something on the blog and not to let this page go stale for too long. I am really swaped with an assignment that I have to give next week. Been working on it for the last week and a fair but of it is to come. Apart from that, the weather here is getting better. It was the official day of spring yesterday, or was it today? No idea. In any case I hope you all had a fun spring break and are back to the swing of things. My Spring break was spent like it always is, Studying and doing assignments.
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Friday, March 17, 2006

Gator vs Cat

Reaffirms my belief that cat's are the best predators on earth today.

Cat - 1 : Gator - 0.
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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

HOWTO: Collective Murder of Your Own Nation

On one side, there were demonstrations happening in Pakistan to protest the caricatures of the Holy Prophet PBUH and on the other hand innocent kids are being killed and maimed by the brutal and inhumane custom of kite flying during Basant. Is it just me or does this sound wrong to you guys? Hypocritically, we are protesting in support of the being that would never have wanted us to use a sport to kill the innocent and young of our generation and yet we are, just for the fulfillment of our baser desires,that is the ecstasy like high one gets on cutting the string of an opposing kite flyer, killing those small flowers that tomorrow will be our future generation.

These so called carcicature protestors burned down buisnesses of hard working Pakistanis, ransacked shops and destroyed bikes that for many are the only form of transportation (I've seen one whole family on a single bike). I can understand the demonstrations. What I don't understand is, why the bigotry and hate towards your own country? Just because the government calls for moderation? Wow, Is it me or someone forgot to tell these assholes the meaning of moderation as preached by Islam?

Then we have those lost, pathetic and sad souls who use deadly strings on their kites without thinking of the risk these strings pose to others. I can understand some people cannot get on in life without the HIGH they feel, just like many drug addicts, when they cut an adversary's Kite, but is it worth it? Is it worth the death of a young 4 year old boy. A boy who had been his father and mother's only son and their joy in life. You tell me? Is it worth it? So you might say that was a freak accident? Was it? At least 19 people died and 200 were injured before and during Basant last year. Yet many are defying the ban to get "High" again.

It's time Pakistanis as muslims, for once started looking into themselves before going out on the call of an Imran Khan or a Qazi Hussain Ahmed, and destroying your own country and killing your own children, think about what it means to be a muslim and a Pakistani. Without these two things, we will always remain in the so called dark ages of 21st century, collectively murdering our own country for years to come.


UPDATE - 17/03/06 - Another boy has been killed by a rampant Kite string. May his soul rest in peace.
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Monday, March 13, 2006

Scanner Music

This video is a testament to the fact that computer and electronic devices can play music too. Enjoy !!

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Day Dedicated to Twinkle

Ok I previously posted pictures of my male cat, Casper. Today, I thought i'd post pictures of his mate, Twinkle, who is of a Persian breed. Presenting to you, Twinkle in all her cuteness.

Lazying around on the drawing room carpet.

Attentive for a photo shoot.

Inspecting the Sofa for softness.

Aren't I the cutest?

Tummy rub pretty please?
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Friday, March 10, 2006

War of The Worlds Parody - by the Bunnies

Hilarious parody of the "War of the Worlds' movie by the Bunny Troupe.

War of the Worlds Parody
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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Had my Software Architectures exam today, marking the end to the midterms. It was an OK paper which I think I did well in. WE will see when the grades come soon. InshAllah, hope to get good grades on this one. The questions were not hard, the paper wasn't easy though. There were questions that I required a little soul searching and mind searching too. All in all satisfied with the paper.

On the other hand, I got my Computer Networking result back and it is kinda pathetic to say the least. It is the lowest i've scored in a long long long time, maybe ever. I got 55/100. But InshAllah gotta buck up for the course and start preparing for final from today. Depending on how I do my final, I can either get an A- or B- or B+ or C in the class. It is now all upto that fateful one and a half hours in April. Ofcourse, there are still the occasional assignments to take care of but inshAllah those won't be a problem either.

I am back now, as well as "back" can be defined. I had never gone to be honest. I doub't I could have. I used to come back and read the encouraging and beautiful comments and support you guys gave me during these tough times. Thanks to all who did. Really meant a lot. I will need a lot more in the coming months ahead and I know I can count on my friends in the blogworld to be there when I need them. God Bless you all.
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Monday, March 06, 2006

Paper No.2

My Database Systems paper Alhamdolillah went well today. It was not easy and there were a few questions to stump the most studies amongst us, but I had enough prep, good luck and prayers on my side to get most of them right. The ones I didn't get right, I hope to get some partial credit for them. Let's see how much I get. I still haven't received my Computer Networking paper results. Hope I get some good marks on that crappy paper. Got my Software Architectures assignment two graded and got a 92/100 in it. Not bad but lost points over careless mistakes.

On the other side I am having a hectic time with the exams. Already got more assignments to do over Spring break. Guess this spring break im booked.
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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Screw Up

My EE 450 Networking exam today was a major screwup on my part. The time available for the exam did not coincide with the difficulty of the exam and I, even though was able to finish it, did not do it right and am having a hard time coping with the result. God knows how many points I will get on it but inshAllah let's see what happens. The result should be out in a few days. One thing is for sure though, I will be studying day in day out for now on because I got my jolt today and now even surviving in the class, is my top priority.

On another note, my CS 585 Database assignment was also not complete when I submitted it. I am guilty of trying to put a lot of time on it and neglecting my EE 450 exam prep as well. I guess I need to manage my time better and set my priorities right. This situation would not have even arisen if I had started early on my DB assignment. The fault is entirely mine and noone elses. Let this post be a reminder to me to be puncutal and efficient in my studies, with minimal waste of time.

Software Architecture is, so far, looking easy but I know the bomb will soon drop because it is too silent on the SA front. The guns will blaze soon and I will have to shield myself and study hard from it now on as well.

I am back but I wish I had come back in a much better form, with much better news than this. I have the Database exam on Monday, the 6th of March and the Software Architecture exam on the 9th of March. Let's see what happens. InshAllah, for my sake, I hope it goes well.
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